How safe is our MERO pipeline?

Operational safety:

Pipelines are the safest, most environmentally friendly and most energy-efficient means of transporting bulk liquids such as crude oil.

MERO has several redundant leak detection and locating systems, that are active simultaneously during operation in the computer-aided control system (flow observation, pressure and tank level monitoring) or are carried out regularly (pressure tests, ultrasonic leak detection pig).

The Vohburg control center is manned around the clock. Damage to the pipeline indicated by the control system or reported from outside can be dealt with immediately at any time.

Security from the outside:

The pipeline is located in a right-of-way strip registered in the land register. Certain rules of use apply within this protective strip. Compliance with these rules is monitored by regular helicopter flights.

Official permit:

MERO's pipeline system has an environmental permit for operation. In addition to the safety systems described, the corresponding „Planfeststellungsbeschluss“ stipulates extensive regular monitoring, inspections and numerous TÜV tests, which serve to maintain the as-built status quo and operational safety.


The extensive safety precautions correspond to the state of the art and ensure the pipeline can be operated absolutely safely according to human judgement.