How safe is our MERO pipeline?

Operational Safety:

Pipelines are the safest, ecofriendliest and most efficient means of transportation of fluid bulks like crude oil.

MERO has installed several redundant leak detection systems, which are active all the time in a computer-aided control system (observation of flow, pressures and tank levels) or carried out periodically (pressure tests, ultrasonic leak detection pig).

The Vohburg control center is operated round-the-clock. Hazards to the pipeline, which are detected in the control system or reported from outside, can be dealt with immediately.

Safety on the outside:

The pipeline is situated in a right of way strip with a registered title to the real estate. Inside this strip, the use of the real estate is restricted by various rules. The complying with these rules is regularly observed by helicopter.

Authority permissions:

The construction, maintenance and control of all installations correspond to severe legal regulations by the VbF as well as the WHG. On the basis of these regulations MERO Germany GmbH has the permission by the competent authorities to operate their pipeline and pump station. These authorities and their experts have to control the installations and the execution of the regulations independently.


All safety precautions are carried out as state-of-the-art. As far as anyone can judge, the MERO pipeline is operated in an absolutely safe manner.