Company Policy

MERO ČR, a. s., seated in CZ-Kralupy, is the only crude oil pipeline operator in the Czech Republic. They transport crude oil through the Družba pipeline and the Mid-European Crude Oil Pipeline (MERO) and operate the Czech Nelahozeves Central Tank Farm.

MERO ČR, a. s. and its German subsidiary MERO Germany GmbH consider environmental protection a natural commitment relevant to all their business activities. To stress this attitude, they have launched an environmental management system based on ISO 14001.

We strive to satisfy our customer’s needs, and have therefore decided to meet all requirements imposed by the standard ISO 9001 as a part of the corporate Integrated Management System.

We are concerned with occupational safety and protection of health of our employees on a high level. The same emphasis is placed on safe equipment operation. This part of our activities has thus been integrated into the management system by meeting the requirements of a safety management system according to the German 12. BImSchV (StörfallV) and by including an occupational safety management.

We are committed to

  • customer satisfaction in all our activities.
  • permanent compliance with applicable legal requirements as a self-evident minimum standard.
  • integration of preventive environment care and occupational safety and health into all our activities and mitigation of negative environmental impacts applying optimum and available technical and management tools. The prevention of environmental impacts and health disturbances of both the public and our employees is one of our main objectives.
  • prevention of major accidents and emergency situations with all maintainable technical and organizational means and mitigation of potential accident effects by providing prompt and effective emergency response.
  • maintaining an Integrated Management System (IMS), which meets the requirements of ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHRIS and StörfallV.
  • carrying out regular inspections and evaluations of our IMS, determination of measurable goals, competencies and resources for that purpose.
  • enhancement of training and motivation of all our employees and partners so they act in line with this policy and related objectives.
  • planning and implementation of measures to optimize the use of resources in all our activities, particularly with regard to maintenance, emergency response, environmental and health protection.
  • continuous improvement of our management system to achieve business excellence in all areas of our activities.